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Pacific Shintaido is a non-profit organization that represents Shintaido practitioners in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Pacific Shintaido coordinates classes, organizes special workshops, and publishes a quarterly newsletter. This website offers a listing of all classes currently available along with information about the instructors, the schedule, directions to locations, and upcoming special events.

How is Pacific Shintaido organized?

Shintaido in the San Francisco Bay Area is organized through Pacific Shintaido, an association of instructors and practitioners. The Pacific Shintaido Board of Directors meets regularly to coordinate support for Bay Area Shintaido practice including special workshops and information outreach (e.g. this website was one of the board’s projects this year). We encourage local practitioners to attend and participate in meetings. Pacific Shintaido is affiliated with Shintaido of America www.shintaido.org, a national association of instructors and practitioners which, in turn, is affiliated with the International Shintaido Federation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Is money an issue?

The cost of classes (1 ­ 2 hours in length) is generally $10-15 with no registration fee. Some classes offer monthly tuition rates, which brings down the per class cost. Most classes offer a sliding scale. Some classes in community centers are offered free of charge. If you become serious about Shintaido practice and wish to take an examination, membership in the national organization, Shintaido of America, is required, along with an examination fee.

Can I check it out?

Visitors and newcomers are always welcome, and there is plenty of encouragement for beginners. Wear loose, light-colored exercise clothing or a white martial arts gi, if you have one. If possible, call the instructor before attending.

Where do I find equipment?

Gorazd Drozina is the Pacific Shintaido equipment manager. We periodically restock our supplies of gi's, tabi, and other items imported from Japan and other sources. Please contact Gorazd at 415-269-8498 or gorazd@itsa.ucsf.edu if you have any equipment needs.

To contact Pacific Shintaido:

Pacific Shintaido
c/o Cheryl Williams
524 San Anselmo Avenue, Suite 129
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Email: info@pacshin.shintaido.org
Phone: 415 586-1177
Fax: 415 459-9115

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