Shintaido Classes:
Shin Aoki, Oakland, Sa 8:00 AM

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STYLE: Shintaido Karate & Kenjutsu
DOJO: outdoor, Lake Temescal Park, Oakland
TIME: Sat, 8:00-10:00 AM
COST: $10

Shin Aoki

Loose, comfortable clothes, tennis shoes.

(Last Update: December, 2020)
In this class, we explore how traditional Karate techniques, in conjunction with sword movements, have evolved into more abstract forms within Shintaido. We practice these movements to exercise self-expression and communication, but also as a basis for advanced katas. Techniques include punching, kicking, cutting, throwing, and rolling. Of course, pure Shintaido forms are also practiced. The class puts extra emphasis on integrating the surroundings into our keiko and using space appropriately. Class atmosphere is friendly and non-competitive. Feel free to come and watch the class. But, why not participate and experience Shintaido yourself? You would understand it better. The first class is free. No registration necessary. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Freehand Kumite Shin and Robert Gaston
Shin Aoki is a Senior Instructor of Shintaido of America, and holds Yon-dan in both Shintaido Karate and Shintaido Bojutsu. He has practiced Shintaido in Japan and the USA since 1987. Shin is also a doctor of chiropractic.


The classes are held at Lake Temescal Park in Oakland.
If it rains, the class may move to the parking lot (the east end) at Rockridge BART Station.

The schedule is subject to change. For details, please contact Shin. If this is your first class, please contact us in advance.


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